Queen Mary Help of Christian Church, Aluva (Kerala)

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In the beginning the Mariapuram church was a substation of St. Francis Xaviers Church in Aluva. It was  Rev. Msgr. Fr. Augustine Mavely who built this Church at the shore of river Periyar. As the Vicar he used to visit this church by his bicycle from a long distance. With a great prospect he has seen the growth of this church and its people.

The elder member of this parish joyfully ruminates the initiation of this church. In their memories there is an unalterable picture of a zealous priest Fr. Augustine Mavely often who did come to this church with a great effort by his bicycle and offered the Holy mass for the faithful on Sundays and look after their spiritual life.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Attipetti the Arch Bishop of that time bought a plot for the church at the river shore, but the place was acquired by the government for F.I.T. company so it was decided to build a church at this present plot. In 1954 Fr. Augustine Maveli by his effort collected about 29,000 rupees for the construction of this church. A pious foreign women also came forward to help for the construction of the church. Within a short span of time (one and half years) a beautiful church was brought up facing the Periyar River.

On the 13th April 1955 Rev. Dr. Joseph Attipetti blessed the new church which was a fulfillment of the dreams of many Catholics of the Muthirapadam. At the time of Fr. Maveli many Carmelite priest who also came from Thottumukham sacred heart monastery to render service in the newly established church at Muthirapadam.

Following the blessing of the newly built church there was Holy Mass on every Sundays and in the year 1995 the Archdiocesan curia officially granted permission to celebrate Holy Mass on all Sundays and feast days also to conduct the Way of the Cross.

The statue of Mary Queen Help of Christians

Mr. Matthew, a foreman in the F I T company donated a statue of Mary Queen Help of Christians, people lovingly called Swargarani, on the feast day in the year 1960 November 21st, on the same day the church got permission to conduct novena.

The presence of Jesuits at Mariapuram

After the departure of Rev. Fr. Augustine Maveli who brought up the faithful of Mariapuram,  Rev. Fr. John became the parish priest of St. Xaviers Church , Aluva, it was at this time the Jesuits priests from Loyola was given charge to look after the faithful at Mariapuram. It was Jesuits who gave the name Mariapuram.  The inhabitants of Mariapuram still remember gratefully Rev. Fathers, Fr. Raphel Thottan, Paul Lentaparambil, Abraham Pallivathulakal, V.T Jose and all Jesuits fathers who did their service for them.

The Augustinians have a great impact and influence in the spiritual and cultural formation of Mariapuram. With the coming of the Augustinian friars since 28th May 1993 the daily mass began in his church. The coming of Augustinian priests was an opening of a new chapter in the faith formation of Mariapuram parish. Rev. Fr. Jacob Mullassery the first Augustinian who became the first to be the Priest-in-charge of the parish.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Cornelius Elenjikkal who has always shown a special interest gave all his support to finish construction presbytery also helped to build new church and blessed it on 8th December 1998. It was a reminiscent moment when this church was officially declared to be independent parish on 11th February in 2000. Fr.Jacob Mullassery became the first parish priest.

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